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Why Did I Choose You?

Apart from the fact that you're awesome, there are 3 reasons I'm convinced we both will benefit from this relationship.


Your business is in a unique position to leverage Welcome Widgets and profit enormously - if you use our software in the (rather ninja) manner I'll be happy to share with you.


As you get results from using Welcome Widgets, I can get testimonials and case studies to help promote my brand-new business.


You're an important influencer in an industry in which I want to sell. When you get results, Welcome Widgets will get exposure and my job will become much easier.  

On our learn more page, you can learn all about Welcome Widgets and our capabilities but the following section is specific to you and your industry.

How You Specifically, Can Use Welcome Widgets to Gain a Massive Competitive Advantage

Just a reminder that a Welcome Link is what you experienced to get to this page. It is a Welcome Widget that isn't confined to your website. It is a personal, interactive video that can be shared online by a link or it can be accessed offline by any connected device through a QR code.

When used effectively, it is actually a rapport building, lead collecting, sales increasing, review gathering, limitless and fearless agent for your business.

It can be infinitely replicated and be tirelessly working for you in unlimited locations, 24/7. And that is just the beginning :)

Add a Welcome Widget to Your Website

Your industry is ripe for more personalization. By adding a personal Welcome Widget featuring a friendly representative of your business, you will get better website conversions and you will be able to direct visitors to take specific actions. I'd guess you'll see at least a 15% boost in conversion from this alone.

You'll also be seen as an innovator in your space because none of your boring competitors with their cold and archaic websites would be doing this.

Leverage Welcome Links to Turn Boring Stuff into Interactive Experiences

You are shipping products, sending invoices and proposals and otherwise communicating with customers and prospects constantly. Each one of these touch-points is an opportunity to include a Welcome Widget to personalize the experience

Thank customers for their business. Ask for reviews, testimonials or referrals. These are all things we know we should be doing but often neglect.

Welcome Links allow you to do so in an automated yet personalized manner.

Use Welcome Links to Get User-Generated Content

You know your customers will believe what other people say about you much more than what you say about yourself, right?

Every Welcome Widget you create and share allows the viewer (recipient) to reply to you via video. Imagine that for a moment.

You can include a Welcome Widget with every product or service you deliver and ask for feedback at the perfect time. Right when your customer is experiencing your product or service and is most likely to reply positively.

When done properly, this user-generated content could become the most valuable asset in your marketing arsenal. 

Use Welcome Links in Social Media

This is where Welcome Widgets break free from your site and go out and start bringing back new customers for you. 

At very least, you can use a Welcome Link as your bio link and turn that into an opportunity to promote your brand. But you can also use Welcome Links as posts themselves or you can send them as direct messages. Depending on the platform, you may even be able to leave a Welcome Link as a comment on any post. 

Welcome Widgets through Email

How many emails does your business send out every week? You can easily create a Welcome Widget and add it to your email signature. Or you can include the link in the body of your email like we're doing.

If you're sending out an email newsletter, this is a fantastic opportunity to add a personal touch and to gather feedback or promote your business in a manner that won't be forgotten.

Send Welcome Links on Special Occasions

Do you keep track of your customers' birthdays, anniversaries or other special dates? If so, huge kudos! These are great opportunities to send a Welcome Widget.

If not, you can always take advantage of holidays and special occasions by sending out Welcome Links. Want to really stand out? Send a physical greeting card to your VIP customers. That card can contain a QR code leading to a Welcome Widget. Talk about being an innovator within your industry.

Leverage Welcome Links on Company Collateral

Use the QR code generated by Welcome Widgets to turn business cards and corporate letterhead into interactive video business cards. Use QR codes at your booth at the next trade show and become the talk of the event. Add QR codes to company paraphernalia and turn your employees into walking billboards advertising personal and interactive messages that you control.

Add Welcome Links to News Releases and Advertisements

Convert any online or offline news release or ad for your business into an interactive piece of media. Guest posts are another huge opportunity. A Welcome Widget will add personality, innovation and effectiveness to anything that you're doing to promote your business. And it will do so at scale.

These are just a few ideas to get the juices flowing but I'm sure that you'll come up with your own use cases once you see what is possible.

Sound Good?

You can check out this page  if you'd like to learn more about the nuts and bolts of Welcome Widgets.

But if anything here resonates with you and you'd like to try Welcome Widgets, reply to the email or text that sent to introduce you to this page and I'll explain how you can get started. 

Thanks for your attention. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't share this page with anyone outside of your organization.

Please reply to my original message if this is something you want to do or if you have any questions. I'd be happy to talk strategy with you as well.