Build Rapport Instantly and Generate More Revenue Automatically by Humanizing the Online Experience

This is a Welcome Widget ===>

Welcome Widgets are Personal, Interactive Videos That Can Be Shared ANYWHERE. They Can Help You:

  • Build rapport with people immediately and automatically wherever they may be - not just on your website.
  • Increase the conversion rate of your website and improve the ROI of all of your marketing efforts
  • Add substantially more leads to your marketing lists - whatever form those may take (email, SMS, phone, messenger, etc.)
  • Increase your number of positive reviews while reducing the possibility of having those killer negative reviews go live.
  • Position your brand as the leader in your field and a pioneer in personalizing your customer's online experience
  • Collect invaluable user-generated content like video testimonials and legitimate customer product reviews.

A Few Ways Welcome Widgets Can Work to Increase Your Revenue

Imagine This Customer Experience

While everyone is talking (justifiably) about Artificial Intelligence and automation, we believe that humans want to connect with other humans. Even though they can be automated, Welcome Widgets allow us to help build those real connections - in ANY industry.

Someone sees your Welcome Widget

They're on your site, on social media or they've scanned a QR code. They're greeted by a smiling, knowledgeable representative explaining how your business stands out from all other options.

This is all done within a short, personal and interactive video they can view on any connected device.

They Choose You Over Your Competitors.

Through your Welcome Widget, they already feel as though they know you so your interaction goes as smoothly as it possibly can. Your sales team or your website closes the deal and the customer receives what was agreed upon.

*Optional. While they're enjoying the experience another Welcome Widget asks them to join your marketing list for discounts, exclusive deals, insider tips, or whatever you deem to be important.

After Their Experience is Over, They Receive a Welcome Link from You

They open it and the same cheerful representative thanks them for choosing you and asks them if they were happy with their experience. If they choose Yes, they are forwarded to another video politely asking them to leave a 5 star review on one or more platforms of your choosing.

If they tap No, they are asked to get in-touch with an appropriate representative to rectify the issue - thereby intercepting most of those negative reviews that kill so many businesses.

In this short (albeit) hypothetical scenario, you have: 

  • Facilitated and accelerated the sales process
  • Won a new customer over your competitors
  • Added them to a follow-up sequence
  • Increased your chance of getting a positive review and
  • Infinitely improved the possibility of getting referrals and a repeat customer.

Yes. YOU have a great product or service and you fulfilled well - as you always do. Kudos! Sadly, not every business can say that.

But every step was facilitated by a simple Welcome Widget. Something that took you 5 minutes to set up and will keep working for you forever.

Can you see why we're so excited about this?

Welcome Widgets are Great for:

Local Businesses

Build rapport automatically, stand out from your competition and increase the number and quality of leads you generate.

Online Stores

Be the brand that personalizes the online shopping experience and watch your sales conversion rates soar.


If you are your brand and your sales depend on your expertise, Welcome Widgets can help you really stand out in competitive markets

Hotels and B&Bs

What says warm hospitality better than a friendly welcome from the owners themselves? Your prospective guests will immediately know they're in the right place.

Coaches & Consultants

Build trust and let your expertise and personality shine through by strategically using our Welcome Widgets and (hint) Welcome Funnels.


Have your chef or owner record a short video thanking customers for their patronage and asking them to join your marketing list.

Add a QR code to display that Widget with every delivery.

What Can Welcome Widgets Do For You?

Obviously, Welcome Widgets build rapport and establish relationships quickly and automatically. But you can also link your Welcome Widgets to practically anything. You can use them to: 

Generate Phone Leads

Add a tap to call button within your widget if you want more phone leads.

Book Appointments

Connect your Welcome Widget to your online calendar and allow visitors to book their own appointments.

Generate SMS Leads

Have visitors tap to send you a text to start a conversation.

Generate Email Leads

Integrate your 3rd party email system or have visitors tap to send an email if you want to increase your email leads.

Answer FAQs

Show off your expertise in a fun and convincing manner. Use Welcome Funnels to provide video answers to common questions. Amaze you visitors by linking to other videos and allow them to "Choose their own adventure" right within your Welcome Widget.

Request Online Reviews and Testimonials

You can do so in a pleasant and natural manner at a time that makes sense. That could be as your customer is enjoying the experience or shortly after. Your Welcome Widget can also be used to weed out any prospective negative reviews before they go live.

Request Video Product Reviews

User-Generated Content is a goldmine when used correctly and every Welcome Widget allows the viewer to reply with a video. So why not include a thank you note with every product you deliver? That note could include a QR code leading to a Welcome Widget asking for an honest review of your product at the time your customer is most excited about you.

Request Referrals

Many businesses thrive on referrals yet some of us are still not consistently asking for them. A Welcome Widget is a perfect manner through which to ensure a customer is happy and to ask for a referral or two.

This is a Convenient Done for You Service

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3


Record Your Video

Ideally, your Welcome Widget should be the business owner or a knowledgeable representative of your business. Alternatively, you can have us record a video for you or you can take advantage of our partnership with DFY Clips and have yourself converted into a cute animation.

introducing Welcome links

No Need to Wait for Visitors to Come to You Anymore

Practically everyone that sees a Welcome Widget comments on how cool it is. I mean, the ability to create a personal and interactive video in 5 minutes? That's pretty cool.

But what if your website doesn't get any traffic? Or maybe you're a representative and you can't change your company's website? Or maybe you're smart and don't WANT to wait for prospective customers to come to you.

Our new Welcome Links allow your Welcome Widget to roam the planet and be accessible to anyone with a connected device. 

Every Welcome Widget we create comes with it's own link. That link can be shared ANYWHERE online - on social media, within emails, anywhere that you can post a link, you can share your Welcome Widget. Think about that for a sec.

But it gets even better. When we create your Welcome Widget, a unique QR code is also generated. That allows you to share your video everywhere OFFLINE too.

That opens up the entire WORLD to your Welcome Widgets. OK. Maybe not the entire world. Just to those with access to a device connected to the Internet. 

Obviously, that is a LOT more people than those visiting your website. Make sense? Getting excited yet?

It is easier to show than to tell so below is an example of a Welcome Link. Simple tap this big blue link to see a Welcome Link in action.


Some Ideas for Sharing Your Welcome Links Online

Social Media

Use a Welcome Widget as your bio link to warmly welcome each visitor and have them take whatever action you wish. Or use your Welcome Widget as a post on your feed or within groups. Or comment with a Welcome Link. The more active you are, the more people will experience your Welcome Widget and see what you have to offer.

Email and SMS

Subtly place a Welcome Widget in your email signature or blatantly sent them out within your email and SMS messages. Follow-up with current customers or use them to reach out to new prospects in a fun and memorable manner. 

Use on Your Site

The original use case for Welcome Widgets was a video bubble that sits in the corner of your website but with Welcome Links, you can place them anywhere you want. Some suggestions are your About page, FAQs (this is gold), customer service area and even each author bio section.

Guest Posts and Press Releases

Remember. Any link can become a Welcome Widget. Do you generate traffic by writing guest posts? Include a Welcome Widget. Do you leverage press releases to gain media attention? Why not include a Welcome Widget to put a name to the piece? Simple things like this can be incredibly effective.

Virtual Tours

Are you leveraging the awesome power of virtual tours? Kudos. If so, you know that you can add links and of course, some of those links can be Welcome Widgets. Be there without actually being there. Such an exciting and effective use case.

Is your mind swirling with ideas? Hold tight. It gets even better.

Remember that QR Code We Mentioned?
This Allows You To Share Your Welcome Widgets OFFLINE too.

Business Cards

Add the QR code to your tired-old business card and wow everyone with your new dynamic and interactive video business card. Print once but update the video whenever you wish. This is a simple but effective way of getting people talking.

Packaging and Inserts

Does your company ship a tangible product? Add a QR code to your packaging or as an insert and have your Welcome Widget personally thanking the customer for their patronage. Also ask them join your marketing list or to leave you a 5 star review on the platform of your choosing.

Signage and Vehicles

Anywhere that you company can be seen, you can let people experience your company through a Welcome Widget and a QR code. Such exciting possibilities for Realtors, Restaurants, Home Service pros, or anyone that does traditional billboard or print advertising.

Point of Purchase

On restaurant or bar tables, in hotel and BnB rooms, in rented cars or yachts, at resorts and museums, at concerts and venues. Why not have a Welcome Widget from the owner, performer or organizer introducing themselves and what to expect WHILE they're there? Talk about standing out in a positive manner.

Proposals, Invoices and Receipts

Bring these boring documents to life by adding a QR code leading to your Welcome Widget. Your video could emphasize how much you care and how you're different from the competition. In fact, just the act of doing this will prove it.

Print and Direct Mail Advertising

Savvy business owners know that as the online space get more and more crowded, these old-school channels can become profitable again. Why not add some flair to these traditional channels? A QR code leading to a personal and interactive video will bridge the two worlds beautifully. And get you the attention you deserve. Don't forget about postcards and greeting cards. Nobody receives these anymore so they'll really stand out.

And Welcome Funnels Allow You to Show of Your Expertise.

Within the same Welcome Widget, you can connect to other videos. This allows you to add interactivity to your widgets and give viewers the opportunity to choose what they wish to learn about next.

This is easier to show than to tell so click the button below for an example of a Welcome Funnel.

Welcome funnels are best used for building rapport and demonstrating your knowledge. They are great for answering frequently asked questions and sharing insider tips and secrets.

Combine Welcome Funnels with Welcome Links and you'll be able to share you expertise well-beyond your website or physical presence. This is truly cutting-edge stuff.

And perhaps the best part? Just record each video once and it will continue to work for you forever. Welcome Funnels are a perfect solution for busy people looking for ways to leverage their valuable time.

Some Use Cases for Welcome Funnels

  • Allow visitors to choose what they wish to learn about next on their virtual tour, before they arrive at your hotel or resort or what they can expect when they sign up for your city tour.
  • Don't just answer those questions you're always being asked about your business but also answer the ones that people SHOULD be asking. That is what real experts do.
  • When sharing expert advice, always ask yourself "What is the next step?" Then create a Welcome Funnel that logically and smoothly educates and guides each visitor to the reasonable verdict. YOU are the one with whom they should do business.
  • Offer services in different languages? Allow your visitor to choose their language and then help them in that language.

Getting Started

Eventually, Welcome Widgets will be a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform in which you can log in and do everything yourself. However, this technology is still so new that we're not quite there yet.

As such, we are offering early adopters a completely done for you service. You can either provide us with the videos that you wish to use for your widgets or we can create them for you. We can use the female spokesperson that appears on our site or we can turn you into an animated character with the help of our partners, DFY Clips.

Either way, it will begin with a very brief conversation to understand what you need and if this is a good fit. Choose you preferred method of communication as outlined in this Welcome Widget. Oh yeah. You can also embed Welcome Widgets in your site :)

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