About us

Our Beliefs

Welcome Widgets is built on the belief that people still do business with other people. Ideally, people that they know, like and trust.

With everything moving toward Artificial Intelligence and automation, we believe that humans will always want to create connections with other humans.

Apart from meeting face-to-face, the best way to do that is through video.

Eric Haaranen is the ugly mug behind Welcome Widgets.

The beauty of Welcome Widgets is that you get the best of both worlds. You can personalize many steps of the customer journey but you can do so in an automated manner.

It takes 5 minutes to create a Welcome Widget and once that is done, it will continue to work tirelessly for you as long as you wish. 

The fact is that the Internet has become a cold and dark place - especially online stores and B2B-based businesses.

With Welcome Widgets, it is so easy to add a personal touch we often wonder why anyone wouldn't think this is a fantastic idea. Of course, we may be biased :)